Shrewsbury’s land originally belonged to Gregorie Sarpy and Charles Gratiot and was officially platted in 1889. By 1890, it was divided into farms and sold to families. The area we now known as Shrewsbury was a 278 acre farm owned by General John Murdoch. The Murdoch farm was called Shrewsbury Park, named after a village in England.

In 1913, concerned resident Joseph Burge organized the Shrewsbury Improvement Association to improve Shrewsbury and develop its first sewer system. Shrewsbury was incorporated and became a village in 1913; shortly thereafter a sanitation system was established, reducing health risks.

In 1938, the United States Government offered financial aid to the City of Shrewsbury and land was acquired for the construction of a new City Hall replacing the 1912 original. The new City Hall building was completed in October 1938. Shrewsbury’s new fire engine house and state-of-the-art equipment were dedicated in 1947; it was during this period that the Shrewsbury Garden Club was formed to maintain the beautiful trees and flowers throughout the city.

The early 50s were marked by the expansion of the public bus routes to connect Shrewsbury to St. Louis. The 60s and 70s were times of great community growth, noted by the construction of city parks, a municipal pool, and interstate 44.

The ‘80s and ‘90s saw increased development of new homes, condominiums, apartments, shopping areas, and a new and improved City Center, which opened May 8, 1993 to coincide with Shrewsbury’s 80th year of incorporation. City Hall is now located at the City Center. The former City Hall building has been renovated to become the Public Safety Building, which houses the Police and Fire Departments.

The City of Shrewsbury continues to grow and evolve. In recent years we have become a Metro Link extension stop. In 1998,$4 million dollars was allocated for street improvements and in 1999 renovations began on the new aquatic center that was opened in May 2000. Plans for a major renovation of the Kenrick Shopping Plaza are currently in the works.