Kickoff Party

Thank to all of those who attended the kickoff party on January 19th.  By our estimates, over 400 people attended throughout the evening.  There were several tables of historical items, documents and photos along with a 32-foot long timeline of the history of Shrewsbury.  For those of you who were unable to attend, all of these items are available for viewing in the Shrewsbury Historical Society office at the Shrewsbury City Center.  Call Greg Meyer at 314-956-9699 to make an appointment to see them.

We also had the Shrewsbury Waltz performed on piano by Brian Koenen with accompaniment by Marty Sauer on guitar and Tony Johnson on percussion.  We will be recording the waltz in the near future and hope to have it available for all to hear.

Thanks for the following for making the night such a success:  The Shrewsbury Historical Society, The Shrewsbury Centennial Committee, John Kennebeck at Ice and Fuel, Marty Sauer and his band, Brian Preiss at Biggies, Tom Behnen at Llywellyn’s Pub, the staff of the Shrewsbury Parks and Rec and Brian Koenen.

For photos of the event, they will be posted soon.  We are waiting to compile them all.

Thanks again to all!  Greg Meyer – Kickoff Party coordinator