The National, State and City flags welcome visitors to Shrewsbury.

Patriotism has always been a large part of the Shrewsbury community.  During World War II, a local newsletter called The Shrewsbury News was printed by the Shewsbury Patriotic Association.  It detailed the monthly “goings-on” in the city including sports standings, government news and personal messages to the troops.  It was mailed to all Shrewsbury men and women serving in the war effort to keep them close to our fine city.  At the end of WWII, the Patriotic Association along with the American Legion and the City of Shrewsbury created a wooden monument with the names of all the local citizens who bravely served and even perished for our country in the effort.  This monument, preserved by veteran Joe LaVenture, is on display in the Shrewsbury Historical Society office throughout the year.

More information specifically on these three flags will be forthcoming as we are awaiting an interview with a local who helped install them after the construction of Interstate 44.