Residential Sponsors

Special thanks to the following persons and families who show their city pride by being Centennial Residential Sponsors:

Gene and Jane Azar Family

Mark and Mary Belgeri Family

Marilyn Berra

Clare Blase (from Debbie Layton)

Felicity Buckley and Family

Brian Catlett and Family

The Diekmanns (PhilMart)

Don and Mary Ann Eggleston Family

Jim and Rita Feeney and Family

Chris Gorman and Family

The Harry Grosswiler Family

Elmer Kauffmann and Family

Ed and Cindy Kopff Family

Josephine “Jo” Lagrotta

Cal and Marci Lauter

Dan Lowry and Family

Fred Luth (from Peggy Cooper)

Mike and Merrily Madden Family

The Meadows at Kenrick (Delores Barnes)

Ben and Dorothy Mennemeyer Family (from Judie Tucci)

John O’Brien Family

The Peters Family

Doug Pfitzinger

Gertrude Placke and Family

Beth Polermo

Brian and Kelly Preiss and Family

Ed and Ruth Purvis and Family

Mark and Ann Riti and Family

Jeanne Rohner

Catherine Rother

Sam and Anne Scherer Family

Mark and Sandy Schreiber Family

Thelma Smith

Gerald Sommer (from family)

Mike Travaglini Family

Frank and Mary Wehner

Paul C. and Emma K. Wehner (from family)

C. William Whelehon

Dee Wiecher